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The firm assists clients in drafting and negotiating contracts both commercial and civil in nature. Supported by a team with subject matter expertise, clients are assisted under a ‘pro-business’ approach, in which materializing business relationships is given priority through legal assessment of the business that enables one to identify, quantify and reduce risk while bringing security to business.

Our practice encompasses virtually all types of contracts-both typical and atypical ones-provided for by Brazilian law, in which the following are worth emphasizing:

  • Preliminary agreements, such as memoranda of understanding, letters of intent and confidentiality and non-competition agreements;
  • Primarily commercial contracts, such as trade/ sales representation and purchase and sale of commercial property;
  • General service agreements;
  • Agribusiness contracts, such as leases, partnerships and structured transactions involving securities specifically targeted at this segment, including Credit Assignment Agribusiness Fund Certificates (CDCAs), Farm Producer Certificates (CPRs) and other instruments designed for funding or prepayment of production;
  • Contracts regarding distribution, tolling, supply and industrial and intellectual property, among others.



The firm has experience in both court and out-of-court litigation concerning civil law, business law, corporate affairs, consumer relations and arbitration.

Activies performed in this connection include:

  • In- and out-of-court client representation;
  • Pre-litigation efforts aimed at preventing lawsuits and accommodating interests by means of extrajudicial agreements and transactions;
  • Preparation of opinions and memoranda on the application of Brazilian laws in judicial and arbitration proceedings; and
  • Management and monitoring of lawsuits at all court levels.

Work performed from the corporate affairs law standpoint aims to assist our clients in establishing safe and mutually beneficial legal relationships. Among other activities carried out in this area, the following are to be highlighted:

  • Corporate structuring and planning of businesses;
  • Advisory services in connection with incorporation, merger, demerger, merger and acquisition of companies and joint ventures;
  • Preparation of opinions and memoranda relating to the business activity developed by the company;
  • Execution of shareholders’ and/or members’ agreements; and
  • Legal guidance and legal due diligence reviews for acquisition of equity investments and purchase and sale of assets.





Advice in this area concentrates on integrating the real estate business with industrial and business projects, providing that these projects are safely developed while focusing on prevention of administrative, tax and environmental barriers.
Real estate-related activities comprise, among others:

  • Acquisition and disposal of urban (office and residential) and rural properties by means of bargain and sale transactions, purchase and sale commitments, barter and accord and satisfaction (payment in kind), among others;
  • Participation in all steps of the real estate negotiation process;
  • Undertaking due diligence reviews of all documentation related to the business;
  • Advising on residential, commercial and industrial leases, as well as on lease transactions; and
  • Establishment of real estate collateral instruments, such as lien, mortgage and security interest arrangements.

Legal advice provided by the firm in the intellectual property and copyright law area encompasses negotiating, drafting and reviewing licensing and sub-licensing contracts, productions and co-productions of Brazilian audiovisual works, and guidance for tax incentives, sponsorships and distribution.

Activities performed in this regard also entail international agreements relating to content acquisitions abroad and negotiations towards sublicensing films and programs to the film-making, video and television market in Brazil and Latin America.



In As far as taxes are concerned, the firm operates both at preventive and litigation levels, particularly focused on the following work:

  • Preparation of defenses and appeals at administrative proceedings, as well as legal service in lawsuits that challenge the enforceability of taxes and contribution taxes charged at local, state, federal and social security levels;
  • Consulting services in relation to direct, indirect and social security taxes as to interpretation and application of tax laws in general;
  • Pre-emptive analysis and monitoring of tax procedures at local, state, federal and social security levels; and
  • Assisting companies in quantifying tax contingencies at corporate and financial transactions in general and in preparing tax planning strategies.

In this area, the firm primarily represents clients in public bids/tenders and matters involving the awarding and execution of administrative contracts.

Assistance provided in this connection includes, among other activities:

  • Analysis of invitations to bid, auctions and draft administrative contracts;
  • Issuance of opinions and memoranda on public bids and contracts;
  • Preparation of objections to bids and administrative appeals; and
  • Filing of legal remedies related to participation in public bids.




As respects labor laws, the firm relies on skilled professionals focused on delivering customized service to its clients so as to reduce the costs and risks that underlie labor relations.

Aiming to assist clients in making the best decisions, the firm seeks to build a very close relationship with the legal departments and human resources areas served.

The following should be highlighted in this practice, which is performed nationwide:

  • Preparation of defenses against Labor Claims at all Judiciary levels;
  • Preparation of defenses and appeals before the Ministry of Labor;
  • Negociation with and intermediation efforts at the Labor Public Prosecution Office, through advice and representation of clients in the case of hearings and signatures of Formal Commitments to Action (TAC’s);
  • Validations and enforcements of specific agreements with the Regional Labor Offices and Workers’ Unions, as well as any other instruments that alter or modify employment contracts, including provisions such as extended working time, time offsetting, implementation of special overtime accounts and the like;
  • Advice on and representation at collective bargaining covenants and agreements and workers’ union negotiations;
  • Preventive legal advice on behalf of HR areas through preparation and analysis of employment contracts and employee benefit plans, among others;
  • Out-of-court negociations with employees to resolve any conflicts of interest and avoid the filing of lawsuits; and
  • Guidance for and monitoring the hiring of outsourced manpower, by analyzing risk of any joint/ subsidiary liability.